Instagram SA's fastest growing #socialmedia platform

Not on Instagram? It may be time to change that. The photo-sharing platform has more than doubled its user base in the past year, according to the South African Social Media Landscape 2016 study.

Growing from 1.1 million users in 2014 to over 2.6 million in 2015, Instagram's a veritable hive of potential new customers that need to hear your brand story.

"As brands become more comfortable with specific social networks, they become far more effective at using them as marketing and positioning platforms," says Fuseware's Mike Wronski. "Instagram is already the big winner among users. Brands want to tap into that enthusiasm."

Instagram may not rank as SA's number one social platform, but it is the most engaging. According to data from Social Media Today, “Instagram has 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook.”

That means Instagram users are more likely to interact with your content. And the more people like, follow and comment - the more attention they're paying paying to your brand and your story.

Still not convinced? Some companies think their info is way too boring to be on Instagram, or that it simply wouldn't benefit business bottom lines. They would be wrong. 

Cool photos are possible to capture in every industry. All you have to do is point, click and let the pictures do the talking for you. Before you know it, you'll increase your brand reach and your potential client base.

According to World Wide Worx, 24% of companies not using Instagram say they plan to in the coming year. Here are our top three reasons why you should join them:

Create a customer bond
Imagery can be intimate. Sharing pictures of your company's progress gives clients an inside glimpse of your business and the people who are behind it. Whether it's a new project, new client or even a new offering on the cantine menu, this is one of the best ways to show the online sphere what a day in your office looks like.

Highlight your portfolio
Showcasing your company's work opens up doors for growing a customer base and for increasing productivity. A snap of a completed work or a big-time campaign in action shows off the standard and quality of what your company produces. That's guaranteed to impress customers, and may even entice other brands to reach out with collaboration opportunities. 

Showcase your employees
A happy business needs happy employees. Instagram offers a number of opportunities to put the people behind your business in the spotlight. Think of it as an online version of the 'employee of the month' campaign. Posting a pic of a job well done leaves staff feeling motivated and satisfied. Pubic recognition also shows clients that your employees matter to you.