Tips for live Tweeting like a pro

 I don’t think people quite know how much work and effort go into live tweeting.  It's a must-do part of the job, for everything from press conferences, launches and all the events in-between. Live-tweeting sounds easy, but it usually means your hands end up being full - literally! But when everything comes together, all the chaos and madness makes it all worth it.

We recently sent our editor Jesé to attend the #SALingerie Fashion Show at Canal Walk to live tweet the event. She was extremely excited, as it was her very first time dominating the Twitterverse.  She tells all about her experience - and the massive reward she got out of it.

Jesé looking calm and collected before she starts live tweeting for the first time!

"I've arrived at Canal Walk for the big show, and almost immediately face my first challenge. In fact, setting up your gadgets before you get started is probably the hardest part. This was a turning point for me, where I realised that I needed to get myself a tablet or a device that was less bulky and less of a schlep to have to carry around, instead of using  my laptop. Although I thought my decent-sized pink laptop on my lap would be okay, it was a different story with my phone in one hand and Nikon camera in the other.

"I started tweeting about what was happening around me. I wanted to re-create the scenery for those who weren't physically there. This was before the actual show even started! Once the lights were dimmed, I got up with my phone and camera, and tried to get as close to the ramp as possible. Basically, I was snapping pics on my phone and camera at the same time!

"I was tweeting as the night went on, and there was much going on around me! It was overwhelming to say the least, but an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything. Live tweeting is fast paced, and it's hard enough to tweet good content, not to mention remembering to tag the important people involved! It was a good lesson in live tweeting - it isn’t as easy as it looks.

"But I am proud that I tackled it head on and that I  came out on top - Canal Walk awarded me a R5,000 voucher for my Twitter coverage!  But I definitely learned some lessons were learned. Below is a list of essential things to remember when covering an event live on Twitter. 

Live Tweeting Tips

1.      Make sure your batteries are all fully charged! That includes your cell phone, laptop/tablet, your camera and all other electronic devices.

2.     Always take good pictures. If the quality is bad, don’t even bother! Yes, that means you have got to have a good quality phone as well as camera, and you've gotta wiggle your way into the front row!

3.     Make sure that you are in good light for your pictures. If that means you have to sacrifice your seat and stand for the event, do it!

4.     Never be shy of tweeting non-stop. It's always better to tweet too much than too little.

5.     Keep it up! If you love what you do (tweeting), then everything will come naturally guaranteed! (You might even win a prize!)